Here’s a review as lyrical as its subject: Mike’s Walker’s solo release ‘Ropes’ at, lovingly revealed by Mike Gates.

And it scores 5/5 – which by our books is Top Marks!

The whole piece can be found via this link ….

… and concludes with this summary:

“’Ropes’” is a triumph in many ways. It is poetic. It is beautiful. And to quote the first few lines of Walker’s poem inside the album sleeve: ‘Come, dear one, let’s walk through the echo of this moment…’ Inspiration comes from many things, but most of all perhaps, from people and our relationships with one another. With ‘Ropes’, Walker has brought to life a sense of classical romanticism and jazz sensibility. Moments of insightful and reflective music made with passion and skill. What more could a listener ask for..”

More information on the album and purchase now via this link