First review in for Gem Andrews’ lovely new Alt/Americana album, ‘North’ – and thanks from us all to Three Chords & The Truth for it!

To paraphrase …

“An articulate approach to the song writing will resonate with lyric junkies, while a rounded production makes optimum use of the instruments at the band’s disposal. A mass of catchy chorus features does the album no harm as well as Gem’s alluring folk-infused vocal style. One selfish view is that we do not see enough of her on the UK’s singer-songwriter circuit, but good albums offer periodic compensation. 

“NORTH gives Gem Andrews the ideal tool to plant deep roots into the spirited singer-songwriter network and provide a valuable voice to just causes. Where it takes her is likely down to fate, but an increased band of followers are sure to be not far away.”

Read the whole review here, folks!