A passion for the blues that taps at its very source hitched to a love for contemporary music’s embracing of the genre drives the beating heart of Belfast-based band The Hardchargers, whose debut album – ‘Scarecrow’ – is released in January on Market Square.

The Hardchargers are steeped in inspiration from the greats of the pre-electric blues – Blind Willie McTell, Blind Willie Johnson, Bukka White, Willie Brown – to the progenitors of electric blues such as Lightnin’ Hopkins, Howlin’ Wolf and Frankie Lee Simms and beyond to the late ‘60s and ‘70s blues rock boom championed by the likes of Savoy Brown and The Groundhogs.


Check the album out now at The Hardchargers’ SCARECROW


Meet band mainman Lonesome Chris Todd: seen here interviewed on NVTV with shortened acoustic versions of ‘Lonesome Thread’ at 7’ 30” and a mesmerising ‘No Stone Unturned’ (12-string) at 23’ 50”


See the band live: latest dates are up on the band and Chris’s social media:




Get the ‘big’ picture: Visit http://thehardchargers.co.uk/