• john mclaughlin guitaristColin Harper _ ECHOES FROM THEN cover
    If acclaimed author and musician Colin Harper's 2014 biography of virtuoso guitarist McLaughlin - Bathed In Lightning: John McLaughlin, the 60s and the Emerald Beyond - didn't bring ample and extraordinary enough detail in its vividness, this companion piece takes an important step further. Echoes From Then contains a substantially revised version of the bonus content exclusive to the e-book edition of Bathed In Lightning along with many new chapters based on recent research. Highlights include: revelatory new chapters on John’s time with Big Pete Deuchar & His Professors of Ragtime (1959–60) and the Tony Meehan Combo (1963–64); a look at probably the world’s first John McLaughlin interview, from The Wandsworth Advertiser in March 1963; an investigation into John’s ‘60s recordings with Georgie Fame; the beginnings of Graham Bond’s Quartet in 1963; Arjen Gorter’s recollections of Gunter Hampel’s Time Is Now (1968); period coverage of the release of Duffy Power’s Innovations (1971); an audience with Gene Perla, the ‘Pete Best’ of the Mahavishnu Orchestra; four chapters on the adventures of the second Mahavishnu Orchestra on the road (1974–75); and four forensic appendices covering John’s British recording and broadcasting sessions 1963–69, his US recording sessions 1969–75, his known British concert appearances from 1963–68, and the second Mahavishnu Orchestra’s concert appearances 1974–75 (all newly updated and expanded). Echoes From Then also includes licensed period content from four great British music writers of the 70s: Jerry Gilbert, Hugh Fielder, Andrew Means, Charles Shaar Murray and Richard Williams. 
  • Seventh Wave O'Connor and ElliottMSMCD154 Seventh Wave
    Artist:   Seventh Wave Title:    Things To Come/Psi-Fi File:     Progressive Rock Label:  Market Square Form:  2-CD Audio Cat:     MSMCD154 Barc:   5065001032134  
    • First time reissue of both of these seminal synth/progressive releases from a pioneer in the genre in one lavish collector’s 2CD package
    • Collectable 3-panel digipack with 2CDs, 16-page booklet, new notes, previously unpublished period photographs.
       "Totally overwhelming, decidedly oddball, extremely exciting if played loud." Record Disc & Mirror   “…some of the most original and vital music currently being made in Britain … looks like we might be in on the ground floor of a musical revolution here.” Beat Instrumental   "Fairly far-out … a bizarre mixture of Queen and Genesis, with Rick Wakeman offering encouragement from the bar.” Melody Maker
  • l to r John Scofield and Mike GibbsDUSKCD116 Mike Gibbs Band Symphony Hall Birmingham 1991
    Artist:   Mike Gibbs Band Title:    “Symphony Hall, Birmingham 1991” File:     Jazz Label:   Dusk Fire Form:   2CD digifile with booklet Cat:      DUSKCD116 Date:    18.05.2018 “… this is a tour bringing together one of contemporary music’s most fascinating writers and one of its most imaginative instrumentalists.” John Fordham, The Guardian "Gibbs’ music is full of intriguing inner detail that does not deflect from the ultimate destiny of his pieces." – BBC Music Magazine   TRACK LISTINGS Disc 1  
    1. Lost in Space (Scofield)
    2. Meant To Be (Scofield)
    3. Roses Are Red (Gibbs)
    4. Gill B643 (Scofield)
    5. Don't Overdo It (Gibbs)
    6. Out of the Question (Scofield)
                    Disc 2  
    1. Pretty Out (Scofield)
    2. Blueprint (Gibbs)
    3. Science and Religion (Scofield)
    4. A World Without (Gibbs)
    5. Fat Lip (Scofield)
  • 1975 rod clementsrod clements rendezvous cafe
    Artist:   Rod Clements Title:    Rendezvous Cafe File:     Folk rock Label:  Market Square/Batsville Form:  2CD jewel case with 0-wrap Cat:     BATCD03 Bar:     0 633926 054606  
    • Founder member of cult folk rock act Lindisfarne
    • 26-tracks on 2 discs
  • MSMCDDVD201 digifile
    Artist:   WARREN GREVESON Title:    VOYAGER/HELLO FROM PLANET EARTH Genre: Rock/Instrumental Label:   Market Square Cat No: MSMCDDVD201 UPC:    5065001032714 Rel:      Sept 7th 2018  
    • A music/film imagining of the extraordinary Voyager space craft story
    • Enhanced digifile package + 8pp booklet
    • CD audio + 70 min. bonus DVD film
      www.voyagerthealbum.com www.hellofromplanetearth.com
  • n kelly 2GL102 lr
    Artist:                    Niall Kelly Title:                      Not Sleeping (Special Edition) Format:                2CD Digipak Cat No:                 GL102 Bar code:             5060629490007 Genre:                  Blues/Americana Released:            October 26th 2018  
    Disc: 1  ‘NOT SLEEPING’
    1. Love Light
    2. Shelter In Your Arms
    3. Fire In The Hole
    4. They In Turn
    5. When Do I Check In ?
    6. Not Sleeping
    7. Poor 'Lias
    8. Pourin' Rain
    9. Pretty Horses
    10. Crowland
    11. Should Have Not Taken My Time
    12. Rosalie
    Disc: 2  ‘HAND IN FIRE’
    1. Lady Dancer
    2. Working For Your Pardon
    3. Lamps
    4. Seen The Dreams
    5. Road
    6. County Down
    7. Colliers Folk
    8. Little Room
    9. Tank
    10. Shed Head
    11. Hand In Fire
      Bonus track (previously unreleased)
    1. Tuesday Night In Or Out
  • image002MSMCDDVD197
    Artist:   Dolennu Title:    Dolennu File:     Jazz rock/electronica Label:   Market Square Cat:      MSMCDDVD197 UPC:    5065001032608 Rel:      Aug 25th 2017   “I’d been familiar with the process of using loops for almost 30 years, inspired by the works of Steve Reich and Terry Riley. We used to perform his work In C, which is the most perfect piece to play on a Zyklus. When Billy mentioned a looping project I immediately thought of the Zyklus.”  WARREN GREVESON  
    • Enhanced CD/DVD debut from looping jazz rock ensemble
    • Influenced by the work of Steve Reich and Terry Riley
  • 1983_Deya_Kev-basketMSMCD193
    Artist: Kevin Ayers/Lady June/Ollie Halsall Title:   The Happening Combo File:     Rock/Spoken Word Label: Market Square Cat:     MSMCD193 UPC:   5 065001 032592 Rel:     22/9/17
  • New Jazz Orchestra 1960sNew Jazz Orchestra - Dejeuner sur l'Herbe
    Artist:   The New Jazz Orchestra Title:    Le Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe File:     Jazz Label:  Dusk Fire Form:  CD Digipak Cat:     DUSKCD110 Barc:   5 065001 032981 Date:   06.01.2015
    • First ever reissue since 1968
    • 1000 ltd. edition run
    • High quality digipack inc. 12-page booklet notes by Dave Gelly with archive images
       “A momentous album … a unified voice that pretty much sums up practically everything that a jazz orchestra requires.” Jazz Journal   “A masterly piece of work …” Gramophone   “… a really superb and inventive album” Melody Maker   “… a range of feeling, technique and individuality that conquers completely.” Sunday Times TRACK LISTING                
    1. Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe
    2. Naïma  
    3. Angle  
    4. Ballad
    5. Dusk Fire
    6. Nardis  
    7. Study
    8. Rebirth
  • Mike Walker jazz guitaristMadhouse002 Mike Walker Ropes
    Artist:   Mike Walker Title:    Ropes File:     Jazz/fusion Label:  Madhouse/Market Square Cat:     Madhouse002 UPC:   5 029385 847661 Rel:      March 15th 2019
    • Fully-illustrated digifile with 6-page booklet
    • Featuring Impossible Gentlemen members Gwilym Simcock (piano), Iain Dixon (sax), Steve Rodby (double bass), Adam Nussbaum (drums)
      “Mike Walker is one of the most powerful jazz guitarists in Europe.” John Fordham, The Guardian
  • Tad and LoicLoic Blejean Tad Sargent new release
    Artist:   Loïc Bléjean Tad Sargent Title:    Loïc Bléjean Tad Sargent File:     Folk/Celtic Label:  Market Square/Aita Cat:     AITA002 Rel:      February 10th 2017   Tracks  
    1. Irish Rendez Vous: An Grianan/Peter Byrne’s Fancy/ Coppers and Brass
    2. Missing You
    3. Fañch's Cider: Bo Mhin Na Toitean/Ormond Sound/Trip to Hervé's
    4. Beeswing
    5. Fromage Antics: Australian Waters/Atlantic Bridge/ Humours of Bandon
    6. Set for Bidd: Antara/Phyllis's Birthday/Helvic Head
    7. Sliabh na mBan
    8. Dunnes Stores Girl
    9. Reeling in Colman
  • Grannys AtticGRICD001 Granny's Attic Wheels of the World
    Artist:   Granny’s Attic Title:    Wheels of The World File:     Folk Label:  Market Square/ Grimdon Records Cat:     GRICD001 UPC:   5029385849023   TRACKS
    1. Wheels Of The World
    2. Ship In Distress
    3. Dove’s Figary
    4. What I Saw In My Dream As I Slept In My Chair
    5. Banks Of Green Willow
    6. Riddle’s Hornpipe
    7. Gilderoy
    8. The Highwayman
    9. Fenland
    10. Our Captain Cried “All Hands”
  • Neil Ardley 1970sNeil Ardley - A Symphony of Amaranths
    Artist:   Neil Ardley Title:    A Symphony of Amaranths File:     Jazz Label:  Dusk Fire Form:  CD Digipak Cat:     DUSKCD107 Barc:   5065001032189 Date:   21.1.2013
    • Re-mastered from the studio tapes
    • First time ever issued on CD
    • 12-page booklet with notes by Observer jazz critic Dave Gelly
    “…a brilliant and ambitious affair.”  Gramophone “Nothing from Britain this year will outshine the glories of Neil Ardley’s major composition.” Sunday Times “There’s not much excuse for not adding this one to any collection of British music. Ardley’s a monster talent.”  Melody Maker Track Listing
    1. A Symphony of Amaranths: Carillon; Nocturne; Entracte; Impromptu
    2. The Dong with a Luminous Nose
    3. Three Poems: After Long Silence; She Weeps Over Rahoon; Will You Walk A Little Faster?
    1. National Anthem & Tango
  • JOYGuru Debashish BhattacharyaUFCD014 Joy!Guru
    Artist:   Debashish Bhattacharya, Wojtek Traczyk, Hubert Zemler Title:    Joy!Guru File:     Jazz/Raga/Hawaiian Label:  Market Square/Unzipped Fly Cat:     UFCD014 UPC:   5 906660 451075 Rel:      March 15th 2019  
    • Fully-illustrated 6-panel digifile with 12 photo booklet
  • Lianne Hall 1Lianne Hall - The Caretaker
    Artist:  Lianne Hall Title:    The Caretaker File:     Alt. Folk/Electronica Label: Market Square Cat:     MSMCD182 UPC:   5065001032424 Rel:     Feb. 24th 2017 Track Listing  
    1. Always Late to The Party
    2. The Crow's Nest
    3. Monsoon
    4. Amp on Fire
    5. Summer of 100 Pills
    6. Mess of Love
    7. The Last Song of the Caretaker
    8. No Medicine
    9. Slow Late
    10. The Ocean is Broken
    Lianne Hall is a Berlin-based singer-songwriter. While her sound may be largely country-esque and folk-inspired, her soul is built on a punk rock foundation. In the late nineties, she toured Europe extensively and released records  with Witchknot, a politicised, experimental all female punk band with a significantly DIY attitude and open-minded approach to making music. Lianne has since self released a number of solo singles and mini-albums. Lianne recorded five sessions for John Peel’s BBC radio show, including a live Christmas special at Peel Acres.
  • Jack Wilkinson Each Little Thing
    Artist:   Jack Wilkinson Title:    Each Little Thing File:     Folk Label:  Batsville/Market Square Cat:     BATCD04 UPC:   0 633926 054613 Rel:      20/9/2019
    • Fully-illustrated digipack with booklet
    • Guests include Rod Clements (Lindisfarne)
    • Produced by Rod Clements
    1. EACH LITTLE THING (Jack Wilkinson)
    2. OLD PECULIER FEELING (Rod Clements)
    3. NANCY SPAIN (Barney Rush)
    4. TRAVELLING JACK (Jack Wilkinson)
    5. ROTHBURY HILLS (lyrics: Jack Wilkinson/music: Jack Armstrong)
    6. PRIDE OF NORTHUMBERLAND (Jack Wilkinson)
    7. FROM CLARE TO HERE (Ralph McTell)
    8. CANDLELIGHT (Jack Wilkinson)
    9. STEAL AWAY (Phil Coulter)
    10. WALK ON BY (K. Hayes / G. Walker)
    11. WHISKY HIGHWAY (Rod Clements / Nigel Stonier)
    12. HOLD ON TO ME BABE (Tom Paxton)
    13. WYLAM BREWERY (Jack Wilkinson)