• MSMCDDVD201 digifile
    Artist:   WARREN GREVESON Title:    VOYAGER/HELLO FROM PLANET EARTH Genre: Rock/Instrumental Label:   Market Square Cat No: MSMCDDVD201 UPC:    5065001032714 Rel:      Sept 7th 2018  
    • A music/film imagining of the extraordinary Voyager space craft story
    • Enhanced digifile package + 8pp booklet
    • CD audio + 70 min. bonus DVD film
      www.voyagerthealbum.com www.hellofromplanetearth.com
  • wynntown marshalls livewynntown marshalls after all these years
    Artist:     The Wynntown Marshals Title:       After All These Years label:      Wynntown Recordings Cat No:  WYNN003CD "They're surely a national treasure..."  LOUDER THAN WAR "Songs which reveal their beauty slowly and over time..." THE PRESS ASSOCIATION "A glorious retrospective from a band that deserves much more recognition ..." NO DEPRESSION http://www.thewynntownmarshals.com/  
  • Lonesome Chris The HardchargersMSMCD202 The Hardchargers Scarecrow
    Artist:  The Hardchargers Title:    Scarecrow File:      Blues/Rock Label:   Market Square Cat:       MSMCD202 UPC:     5065001032622 Rel:      January 5th 2018  
    • Debut album from road-hardened blues trio
    • Packed with pre-war blues influences
    • Six originals, two covers (Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter)
    • Booking dates
  • Steve AshleySteve Ashley - This Little Game
    Artist:   Steve Ashley Title:    This Little Game File:     Folk/singer-songwriter Label:  Market Square Cat:     MSMCD168 UPC:   5065001032806 Rel:      Feb 9th 2015  
    • Packaged in an illustrated digipak, with full lyrics in a 12 page booklet.
    • Established artist with comprehensive back catalogue available
    • Touring artist
      Also available on Market Square by Steve Ashley:   STROLL ONE REVISITED (MSMCD104)   SPEEDY RETURN (MSMCD118)   LIVE IN CONCERT (DUSKCD102)
  • Steve Ashley and Ragged RobinSteve Ashley - Stroll On MSMCD104
    Artist:   Steve Ashley Title:     Stroll on - Revisited File:      Folk/Rock Label:  Market Square Form:  CD Audio Cat:     MSMCD104 Barc:   5 019148 621904
    • Acclaimed debut from a singular talent, still working to the present day ...
    • Critically well-received
    • Established back catalogue
    • Also available from Market Square
    The Test of Time (MSMCD102) Speedy Return (MSMCD118) Live In Concert (DUSKCD102)
  • Steve Ashley 1971Steve Ashley One More Thing
    Artist:   Steve Ashley Title:    One More Thing File:     Folk/singer-songwriter Label:  Market Square Cat:     MSMCD205 UPC:   5065001032738 Rel:      28.9.2018   Packaged in an illustrated digipak, with full lyrics in a 12-page booklet.
  • Steve Ashley 1971MSMCD180 Steve Ashley - Another Day

    STEVE ASHLEY – Another Day

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    Artist:   Steve Ashley Title:    Another Day File:     Folk/singer-songwriter Label:  Market Square Cat:     MSMCD180 UPC:   5065001032417  
    • Packaged in an illustrated digipak, with full lyrics in a 12 page booklet.
  • son1Sonja-Kristina
    "Sonja Kristina" was the solo debut of the Curved Air singer/songwriter recorded in 1980 by Nigel Gray, producer of the first three Police albums. It features some great songs, several ranking among Sonja’s best, including the stunning "Full Time Woman" and a fine cover of Spirit’s “Mr Skin”. Vibrant, exciting and imaginative in treatment, it also benefits from players including William Orbit, former band mate, Darryl Way and sax giant Terry Lightfoot. Included on this first ever reissue is the only recorded output by the 1984 Curved Air reunion of Darryl and Sonja in the single "Renegade" backed by "We’re only Human” and her reworking of Bert Bacharach’s "Walk on By". Tracks ...
    1. Street Run
    2. Man He Colour
    3. Colder Than A Rose in Snow
    4. Breaking Out In Smiles )
    5. Mr Skin
    6. Roller-Coaster
    7. Full Time Woman
    8. The Comforter
    9. St Tropez
    10. Fade-Away
    Bonus tracks ...
    1. Renegade
    2. We’re Only Human
    3. Walk On By
  • Sonja and the Acid Folk line-upMSMCD109 Sonja Kristina - Songs From The Acid Folk
    Artist:   Sonja Kristina Title:    Songs From The Acid Folk File:     Folk/Rock Label:  Market Square Form:  CD/jewelcase Cat:     MSMCD109 Barc:   8 06676 00026 5   “From rock goddess to mother to cult heroine?  Stranger things have happened.”  Evening Standard "Kristina succeeds on her own terms..." Q Magazine  
  • Sonja Kristina in Harmonics and Cloud 10 promo picSonja Kristina - Harmonics of Love
    • Enhanced reissue of acclaimed release with previously unreleased bonus tracks
    • Collectable 6-panel digisleeve with 8pp booklet including revised artist notes and previously unpublished period photographs in a limited pressing of 1000 units
  • Seventh Wave O'Connor and ElliottMSMCD154 Seventh Wave
    Artist:   Seventh Wave Title:    Things To Come/Psi-Fi File:     Progressive Rock Label:  Market Square Form:  2-CD Audio Cat:     MSMCD154 Barc:   5065001032134  
    • First time reissue of both of these seminal synth/progressive releases from a pioneer in the genre in one lavish collector’s 2CD package
    • Collectable 3-panel digipack with 2CDs, 16-page booklet, new notes, previously unpublished period photographs.
       "Totally overwhelming, decidedly oddball, extremely exciting if played loud." Record Disc & Mirror   “…some of the most original and vital music currently being made in Britain … looks like we might be in on the ground floor of a musical revolution here.” Beat Instrumental   "Fairly far-out … a bizarre mixture of Queen and Genesis, with Rick Wakeman offering encouragement from the bar.” Melody Maker
  • Salt House Band UndersongSalt House - Undersong
    Artist:   Salt House Title:    Undersong Label:   Make Believe Cat No: MBR7CD TRACKS
    1. Old Shoes
    2. Turn Ye To Me
    3. Lay Your Dark Low
    4. The Sisters Revenge
    5. Charmer
    6. Staring At Stars
    7. The Road Not Taken
    8. I Sowed Some Seeds
    9. Slow Fields Of Home
    10. Undersong
    “Music of this quality can’t be rushed; there’s a depth of understanding here that represents a lasting commitment to traditional music from all around the UK. There’s far more to Undersong than the time Salt House spent recording on the tiny Hebridean island of Berensay …There’s clearly been a period of careful nurturing and refining, both in the studio and before live audiences. The result is a highly accomplished album of wonderful music that singles Salt House out as a trio of exceptional talent.” FOLK RADIO
  • 1975 rod clementsrod clements rendezvous cafe
    Artist:   Rod Clements Title:    Rendezvous Cafe File:     Folk rock Label:  Market Square/Batsville Form:  2CD jewel case with 0-wrap Cat:     BATCD03 Bar:     0 633926 054606  
    • Founder member of cult folk rock act Lindisfarne
    • 26-tracks on 2 discs
  • RANT dates The portageMBR8CD RANT The Portage
    Artist:   RANT Title:    The Portage Label:   Make Believe Cat No: MBR8CD TRACKS
    1. Göran Berg’s / Crow Road Croft
    2. Sir Ronald McDonald’s Reel / Johnny D’s
    3. Now Westlin Winds
    4. Annie Allan / Hambo
    5. Rosemarkie Man
    6. Arnt Ivar’s Polska
    7. The Rescue Man / Pam’s Hoose
    8. Altfechan
    9. Nach truagh mo chàs (Hard is My Fate)
    10. The Portage
  • RafikiJazz-Womad2018-PhilBull_3KoniCD011 Rafiki Jazz Saraba Sufiyana
    Artist:   Rafiki Jazz Title:    Saraba Sufiyani File:     World Label:  Koni Cat:     KoniCD011 UPC:   5060114367937   TRACKS 1 Su Jamfata 05:11 2 Azadi 06:09 3 Chad Gadya 07:44 4 Kashmiri Lullaby/The Waulk/Hukus Bukus 09:11 5 Chitta Kukar 02.49 6 Eshet Chayil 04:01 7 Cajueiro 05:35 8 My Heart My Home (Shallow Brown/Light of Guidance/The Settlers Wife/Shedemati) 09:12   “Powerful” FiINANCIAL TIMES “Impressive, elegant & wide-ranging …” THE GUARDIAN
  • MSMCD191 Patrick Campbell Lyons
    Artist: Patrick Campbell Lyons Title:    You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet File:     Pop Label:   Market Square Cat:      MSMCD191 UPC:    5065001032578 Rel:      July 14th 2017
    • Cult artist with extensive back catalogue
    • Established at retail
    • Supporting PR campaign
    • London dates end-2017
    • Also on vinyl MSMLP102
    www.youareacloudiamacomet.com https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_(British_band)