• n kelly 2GL102 lr
    Artist:                    Niall Kelly Title:                      Not Sleeping (Special Edition) Format:                2CD Digipak Cat No:                 GL102 Bar code:             5060629490007 Genre:                  Blues/Americana Released:            October 26th 2018  
    Disc: 1  ‘NOT SLEEPING’
    1. Love Light
    2. Shelter In Your Arms
    3. Fire In The Hole
    4. They In Turn
    5. When Do I Check In ?
    6. Not Sleeping
    7. Poor 'Lias
    8. Pourin' Rain
    9. Pretty Horses
    10. Crowland
    11. Should Have Not Taken My Time
    12. Rosalie
    Disc: 2  ‘HAND IN FIRE’
    1. Lady Dancer
    2. Working For Your Pardon
    3. Lamps
    4. Seen The Dreams
    5. Road
    6. County Down
    7. Colliers Folk
    8. Little Room
    9. Tank
    10. Shed Head
    11. Hand In Fire
      Bonus track (previously unreleased)
    1. Tuesday Night In Or Out
  • Steve Ashley 1971Steve Ashley One More Thing
    Artist:   Steve Ashley Title:    One More Thing File:     Folk/singer-songwriter Label:  Market Square Cat:     MSMCD205 UPC:   5065001032738 Rel:      28.9.2018   Packaged in an illustrated digipak, with full lyrics in a 12-page booklet.
  • galen ayers guitargalen-ayers-monument-cover-art-1400x1400-72dpi

    GALEN AYERS – Monument

    Artist:               Galen Ayers Title:                 Monument File:                  Pop/folk Release date:    July 27th 2018 Label:               Bombinate Format:             Digifile Cat No:             BR001 UPC:                7 573473 40411
  • MSMCDDVD201 digifile
    Artist:   WARREN GREVESON Title:    VOYAGER/HELLO FROM PLANET EARTH Genre: Rock/Instrumental Label:   Market Square Cat No: MSMCDDVD201 UPC:    5065001032714 Rel:      Sept 7th 2018  
    • A music/film imagining of the extraordinary Voyager space craft story
    • Enhanced digifile package + 8pp booklet
    • CD audio + 70 min. bonus DVD film
      www.voyagerthealbum.com www.hellofromplanetearth.com
  • 1975 rod clementsrod clements rendezvous cafe
    Artist:   Rod Clements Title:    Rendezvous Cafe File:     Folk rock Label:  Market Square/Batsville Form:  2CD jewel case with 0-wrap Cat:     BATCD03 Bar:     0 633926 054606  
    • Founder member of cult folk rock act Lindisfarne
    • 26-tracks on 2 discs
  • l to r John Scofield and Mike GibbsDUSKCD116 Mike Gibbs Band Symphony Hall Birmingham 1991
    Artist:   Mike Gibbs Band Title:    “Symphony Hall, Birmingham 1991” File:     Jazz Label:   Dusk Fire Form:   2CD digifile with booklet Cat:      DUSKCD116 Date:    18.05.2018 “… this is a tour bringing together one of contemporary music’s most fascinating writers and one of its most imaginative instrumentalists.” John Fordham, The Guardian "Gibbs’ music is full of intriguing inner detail that does not deflect from the ultimate destiny of his pieces." – BBC Music Magazine   TRACK LISTINGS Disc 1  
    1. Lost in Space (Scofield)
    2. Meant To Be (Scofield)
    3. Roses Are Red (Gibbs)
    4. Gill B643 (Scofield)
    5. Don't Overdo It (Gibbs)
    6. Out of the Question (Scofield)
                    Disc 2  
    1. Pretty Out (Scofield)
    2. Blueprint (Gibbs)
    3. Science and Religion (Scofield)
    4. A World Without (Gibbs)
    5. Fat Lip (Scofield)
  • Gem Andrews NORTHMSMCD200 Gem Andrews North

    GEM ANDREWS – North

    Artist:             Gem Andrews Title:               North File:                 Alt/Country Label:             Market Square Cat:                 MSMCD200 UPC:               5065001032615 Rel:                 16/2/18   Also available on Market Square by Gem Andrews:    MSMCD169 Vancouver   What the Critics Say …   “She all but freezes time, so poignant  are the lyrics, arrangement and delivery…” Americana UK   “She’s sure to tug on even the most callous of heartstrings…” No Depression   “Well named, Andrews is a real diamond.” FolkRadio.co.uk  
  • Lonesome Chris The HardchargersMSMCD202 The Hardchargers Scarecrow
    Artist:  The Hardchargers Title:    Scarecrow File:      Blues/Rock Label:   Market Square Cat:       MSMCD202 UPC:     5065001032622 Rel:      January 5th 2018  
    • Debut album from road-hardened blues trio
    • Packed with pre-war blues influences
    • Six originals, two covers (Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter)
    • Booking dates
  • john mclaughlin guitaristColin Harper _ ECHOES FROM THEN cover
    If acclaimed author and musician Colin Harper's 2014 biography of virtuoso guitarist McLaughlin - Bathed In Lightning: John McLaughlin, the 60s and the Emerald Beyond - didn't bring ample and extraordinary enough detail in its vividness, this companion piece takes an important step further. Echoes From Then contains a substantially revised version of the bonus content exclusive to the e-book edition of Bathed In Lightning along with many new chapters based on recent research. Highlights include: revelatory new chapters on John’s time with Big Pete Deuchar & His Professors of Ragtime (1959–60) and the Tony Meehan Combo (1963–64); a look at probably the world’s first John McLaughlin interview, from The Wandsworth Advertiser in March 1963; an investigation into John’s ‘60s recordings with Georgie Fame; the beginnings of Graham Bond’s Quartet in 1963; Arjen Gorter’s recollections of Gunter Hampel’s Time Is Now (1968); period coverage of the release of Duffy Power’s Innovations (1971); an audience with Gene Perla, the ‘Pete Best’ of the Mahavishnu Orchestra; four chapters on the adventures of the second Mahavishnu Orchestra on the road (1974–75); and four forensic appendices covering John’s British recording and broadcasting sessions 1963–69, his US recording sessions 1969–75, his known British concert appearances from 1963–68, and the second Mahavishnu Orchestra’s concert appearances 1974–75 (all newly updated and expanded). Echoes From Then also includes licensed period content from four great British music writers of the 70s: Jerry Gilbert, Hugh Fielder, Andrew Means, Charles Shaar Murray and Richard Williams. 
  • 1983_Deya_Kev-basketMSMCD193
    Artist: Kevin Ayers/Lady June/Ollie Halsall Title:   The Happening Combo File:     Rock/Spoken Word Label: Market Square Cat:     MSMCD193 UPC:   5 065001 032592 Rel:     22/9/17
  • image002MSMCDDVD197
    Artist:   Dolennu Title:    Dolennu File:     Jazz rock/electronica Label:   Market Square Cat:      MSMCDDVD197 UPC:    5065001032608 Rel:      Aug 25th 2017   “I’d been familiar with the process of using loops for almost 30 years, inspired by the works of Steve Reich and Terry Riley. We used to perform his work In C, which is the most perfect piece to play on a Zyklus. When Billy mentioned a looping project I immediately thought of the Zyklus.”  WARREN GREVESON  
    • Enhanced CD/DVD debut from looping jazz rock ensemble
    • Influenced by the work of Steve Reich and Terry Riley
  • MSMCD191 Patrick Campbell Lyons
    Artist: Patrick Campbell Lyons Title:    You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet File:     Pop Label:   Market Square Cat:      MSMCD191 UPC:    5065001032578 Rel:      July 14th 2017
    • Cult artist with extensive back catalogue
    • Established at retail
    • Supporting PR campaign
    • London dates end-2017
    • Also on vinyl MSMLP102
    www.youareacloudiamacomet.com https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nirvana_(British_band)
  • New Jazz Orchestra 1960sNew Jazz Orchestra On The Radio DUSKCD115
    Artist:   Neil Ardley’s New Jazz Orchestra Title:    “On the Radio: BBC Sessions 1971” File:     Jazz Label:  Dusk Fire Form:  CD Digipak Cat:     DUSKCD115 Barc:   5 065001 032516 Date:   09.06.2017  
    • First ever release of BBC radio sessions by this iconic UK big jazz band
    • 1000 copies ltd. edition pressing
    • High quality digipack inc. 8-page booklet notes by Observer jazz critic and musician, Dave Gelly with many archive images
    1. Stratusphunk (Russ, arr. Rutherford)
    2. Tanglewood ’63 (Gibbs)
    3. Half Blue (Taylor, arr. Ardley)
    4. Pendulum (Taylor)
    5. Terre de Miel (Thompson)
    6. The Immortal Ninth (Bruce)
    7. The Time Flowers (Ardley/Winter)
  • son1Sonja-Kristina
    "Sonja Kristina" was the solo debut of the Curved Air singer/songwriter recorded in 1980 by Nigel Gray, producer of the first three Police albums. It features some great songs, several ranking among Sonja’s best, including the stunning "Full Time Woman" and a fine cover of Spirit’s “Mr Skin”. Vibrant, exciting and imaginative in treatment, it also benefits from players including William Orbit, former band mate, Darryl Way and sax giant Terry Lightfoot. Included on this first ever reissue is the only recorded output by the 1984 Curved Air reunion of Darryl and Sonja in the single "Renegade" backed by "We’re only Human” and her reworking of Bert Bacharach’s "Walk on By". Tracks ...
    1. Street Run
    2. Man He Colour
    3. Colder Than A Rose in Snow
    4. Breaking Out In Smiles )
    5. Mr Skin
    6. Roller-Coaster
    7. Full Time Woman
    8. The Comforter
    9. St Tropez
    10. Fade-Away
    Bonus tracks ...
    1. Renegade
    2. We’re Only Human
    3. Walk On By
  • services11607 Naked Music Book Cover.indd
    “Generously soulful” -  Hot Press “..simmers and nourishes with reliable ease”  -  Irish Times “Top Class”  - Sunday Times Buy the album - buy the book ... Eleanor McEvoy has published this wonderful lyric book to accompany the release of her latest album - "Naked Music".  In addition to getting to know the words better, there's the visionary work of the late artist Chris Gollon accompanying them that takes publication to a new level. 20 x 30cm - 64 pages - 24 Gollon paintings - full colour throughout - introduction by Jackie Hayden ...  "Naked Music-The Songbook" also features an introductory essay by best-selling author Jackie Hayden exploring the nature of such collaborations, alongside interviews with both Gollon and McEvoy about the evolution of their boundary- crossing partnership.
  • Eleanor-McEvoy-Naked-Music-press-shot-1-e1453475963326ELEANOR MCEVOY NAKED MUSIC
    "... these versions offer a refreshing perspective on some truly durable and enjoyable tunes from McEvoy’s canon."  The Irish Times "A no-brainer: take a singer adored by audiophiles for all the right reasons-great music and great recording....'The DJ' - in a cappella - is a track that will make any hi-fi sound incredible. A display of emotion and intimacy as naked as the title suggests, this CD happens to sound astonishing, too."  Hi-Fi News The Tracks ... 1. Wrong So Wrong (Naked Version) 2. Dreaming of Leaving (Naked Version) 3. Deliver Me (Naked Version) 4. Eleanor McEvoy 5. Whisper a Prayer to the Moon (Naked Version) 6. Heaven Help Us (Naked Version) 7. Land In the Water (Naked Version) 8. Please Heart You’re Killing Me (Naked Version) 9. The DJ (Naked Version) 10. Lubbock Woman (Naked Version) 11. Look Like Me (Naked Version) 12. Half Out of Habit 13. Isn’t It a Little Late (Naked Version) 14. Oft In the Stilly Night 15. The Thought of You (Naked Version)