Reviews tumbling in now for Dusk Fire Records’ latest dip into heritage big band British jazz (albeit fronted here by the Zimbabwe-born Gibbs and American John Scofield) and our thanks in this instance to Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE for a grand 4-star review for ‘Symphony Hall, Birmingham, 1991’

“This vintage live 2-CD set – whose subtitle is `playing the music of Mike Gibbs and John Scofield’ – sparks on all cylinders,” writes Paddy Keyhoe.

“Tracks like Blue Print are reminiscent of Weather Report in terms of powerhouse energy and Billy Stewart’s drums and Steve Swallow’s bass tend to drive things along much as Erskine and Vitous did in that iconic American outfit.

“However, it is avowedly different music and we are talking a lush, orchestral vibe, big band preciseness counterpointed with Scofield‘s cheeky blues and funk lines scribbling on top, on work-outs like the fiery Science and Religion or the big and beefy Fat Lip, both Scofield compositions. Classy.”

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