It looks like it was made in 1971 but Joy!Guru from the wonderfully named Polish label Unzipped Fly is in fact very much a product of now.

Recorded at Warsaw’s iconic Studio S4, it’s a highly original work by an equally commendable trio: legendary Indian slide guitarist, Debashish Bhattachary, and major names from Warsaw’s alternative jazz scene  – drummer Hubert Zemler, and double-bassist Wojtek Traczyk

The reviews are ecoming in and so a big thanks to Dutch magazine Heaven for this one.

Eric van Domburg writes of:

” … a unique world-jazz formula that unites Indian world music and the best tradition of Polish jazz. As a result, we got the unusual interpretations of the rag which are extremely refreshing. It all opens up a different interpretation to Bhattacharya’s ragas which is extremely refreshing.”

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