More clamour for the music of our 70’s sunshine posters, Design and this time it’s from you, you lovely music-buyers.

Bon mots dropped on onto the “Children Of the Mist” page at Amazon merit sharing.

You say:

” … melodious folk-pop and sunshine-pop with an occasional jazzy, layered Swingle-pop edge, which still thrills on each listen.  It’s easy to be nostalgic about old favourites but this compilation is fresh, vital and still relevant today. My advice is to grab a copy now, before it becomes a collector’s item.”

Jimbo writes:

“The harmony-drenched Mamas and Papas-esque opener ‘Wherever You May Go’ sets the tone, and it’s easy to hear why the band’s sound has been likened to acts such as The Association and The 5th Dimension. ‘The Minstel’s Theme’ is a folk-pop gem, while the psych-tinged ‘Nature’s Children’ is an epic number which evokes both early Bee Gees and Crosby Stills & Nash. The recordings still sound fresh and ripe for rediscovery, and what better place to start than with this lovingly compiled collection. There was simply no letting up the talent stakes.”

And Nick adds:

The digipackage it all comes in is appropriately sumptious and the booklet brims with period images of the (always photogenic) ensemble in promotional scenes and clips from their many TV appearances. A bit of an enigma, really, there’s no denying the entertainment value of Design (despite their curiously anodyne name). This is the soundtrack to a summer’s day drive with the car top down.”

That’s recommended, then!

Find out more about the album via this link

 Here’s ‘The Minstrel’s Theme’ … it was a single back then, and it is again!