• Peter Ulrich - The Painted Caravan
  • The Dead Can Dance with Peter Ulrich, right
  • Keve Wilson, Katie Scheele, Antar Goodwin and MacLeod the Westie at rehearsal for The Peter Ulrich Collaboration at Gridley Studios, NYC.
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Artist: Peter Ulrich Collaboration

Title:   The Painted Caravan

File:    Folk Rock/Fusion

Label: Market Square

Form:  CD Audio

Cat:     MSMCD162

Barc:   5 065001 032196

Track Listing:


  1. In This Or Other Skin
  2. Pureland
  3. The Secret Gardener
  4. Dark Lover
  5. Starship (Golden Eye)
  6. Children Of The Rain
  7. Drug Of War
  8. Hanging Man
  9. Fanfare For The Lost Tribe
  10. The Desert
  11. Love’s Skeleton
  12. Tempest

Product Description

“A smorgasbord of music, past, present and future. A collaboration to cherish.”

Music Week

“An epic and intricately-arranged affair that engages the listener from start to finish.”

Irish Daily Star

“Draws from the same deep well of much English folk song…”

R2 Magazine

“An insane throwback of a record. “Starship (Golden Eye)” is a hippy science fiction epic closer to Crosy Stills and Nash than Hawkwind.”

Financial Times


Debut release by The Peter Ulrich Collaboration, ‘The Painted Caravan’ marks the evolution of the Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil percussionist’s trademark sound and casts the net even wider, embracing the spirit of 60’s baroque pop, folk-rock and global roots to rich and often quirky effect.

If it is to be aligned to any specific genre, more than anything, his album conveys Ulrich’s passion for early 1970’s British folk rock and the ideals of the social movements of the day preside deliciously over proceedings.

“Hanging Man” is a tale of jealous love and eternal retribution; “Love’s Skeleton,” a story of love that never dies; “Starship (Golden Eye)”, a recounting of a trip through the universe to find a long-lost love; “Drug of War,” a tale of a former soldier’s addiction to the adrenalin rush of warfare; and “Pureland,” a mystic chant that carries one to a place of perfect peace and perfect understanding.

In the main, a portrait of love, in all of its protean manifestations, the album sweeps sweetly along with grandeur, solemn beauty, intricate-craftsmanship and sonic depth.

Ulrich is joined by via a cast of musical collaborators playing instruments ranging from dobro to oboe and everything in between, adorned by stunning guest vocals.

A work of passion and pure love.



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