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ORCHESTRA LUNA – Orchestra Luna


  • First time reissue on CD for cult US 1975 release
  • Only reissue of a very rare record
  • Heritage label source (CBS/Epic)
  • Produced by Rupert Holmes
  • Extensive revised 16 page booklet notes and critique by John O’Regan and Rick Berlin with original artwork and previously unpublished photography
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“Music from some sort of parallel universe, an alternative musical reality where elements of rock, pop, 1970’s progressive styles and Broadway musicals stood side by side quite normally and with perfect fit. If ever there existed music from another time, place and universe – this was it.”  John O’Regan

Described by one critic on its 1975 release on Epic Records as ‘the soundtrack to a musical that never took place’, Orchestra Luna is the first and only album by this eponymous and highly innovative Boston (USA)-based art rock act under the stewardship of one Rick Berlin. Compositionally very strong, its songs are matched by their production in qualititive terms, and all here was writ large!

Big band tunes converging Glam with Vaudeville, imbued with the heady scent of the glory days of early Hollywood musicals, were rended here to grandiose and highly theatrical effect, bolstered by a big budget (those were the days) and the exceptional production talents of Rupert Holmes and Jeffery Lesser.

Inhabiting the space somewhere between Rocky Horror Show and the Bonzo Dog Band, taking in Manhattan Transfer,  Sailor and Cockney Rebel by the way, ‘Orchestra Luna’ the album was released in 1975 to a mixture of delight, fervour, surprise … and some bafflement.

Revisionism is a wonderful thing – for this album is a glorious ‘one-off’, a true original, made at a time when the sky was the limit and anything went. We will not see it’s like again!

More on their story at Unterzuber


  1. Were You Dancin’ On Paper
  2. Miss Pamela
  3. Little Sam
  4. Heart
  5. Love Is Not Enough
  6. Boy Scouts
  7. Fay Wray
  8. But One
  9. Doris Dreams

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