Artist:  Lianne Hall Title:    The Caretaker File:     Alt. Folk/Electronica Label: Market Square Cat:     MSMCD182 UPC:   5065001032424 Rel:     Feb. 24th 2017 Track Listing  
  1. Always Late to The Party
  2. The Crow's Nest
  3. Monsoon
  4. Amp on Fire
  5. Summer of 100 Pills
  6. Mess of Love
  7. The Last Song of the Caretaker
  8. No Medicine
  9. Slow Late
  10. The Ocean is Broken
Lianne Hall is a Berlin-based singer-songwriter. While her sound may be largely country-esque and folk-inspired, her soul is built on a punk rock foundation. In the late nineties, she toured Europe extensively and released records  with Witchknot, a politicised, experimental all female punk band with a significantly DIY attitude and open-minded approach to making music. Lianne has since self released a number of solo singles and mini-albums. Lianne recorded five sessions for John Peel’s BBC radio show, including a live Christmas special at Peel Acres.