//Julie Fowlis
  • RANT dates The portageMBR8CD RANT The Portage
    Artist:   RANT Title:    The Portage Label:   Make Believe Cat No: MBR8CD TRACKS
    1. Göran Berg’s / Crow Road Croft
    2. Sir Ronald McDonald’s Reel / Johnny D’s
    3. Now Westlin Winds
    4. Annie Allan / Hambo
    5. Rosemarkie Man
    6. Arnt Ivar’s Polska
    7. The Rescue Man / Pam’s Hoose
    8. Altfechan
    9. Nach truagh mo chàs (Hard is My Fate)
    10. The Portage
  • lauren maccollthe seer lauren maccoll
    Artist:   Lauren MacColl Title:    The Seer Label:   Fèis Ros Cat No: FEISROIS005   TRACKS
    1. Coinneach Odhar
    2. Lady Isabella/An da-shealladh (Second Sight)
    3. Tàladh Choinnich (Coinneach Odhar’s Lullaby)
    4. Loch Ussie
    5. The Fairburn Calf
    6. A Mermaid at Fearn
    7. And Sheep Will Eat Men/Brahan
    8. Tomnahurich
    9. Drumossie
    10. An Unkindness of Ravens
    “Even with MacColl’s own compositions, one did not have to scratch too far to find some Gaeltachd influences with MacColl one fiddler who owes a clear debt to the Highland piping traditions as much as her own instrument.” INVERNESS COURIER