We’re working up to release for Rafiki Jazz’s “Saraba Sufiyana” – a world music melange drawn from member’s roots across the Middle East, India, West Africa, South America and Europe – and Northern Sky are in with a wonderful **** review of the album.

“Whenever all nine members of the Sheffield-based multi-cultural collective Rafiki Jazz line themselves up ready for action, there’s an immediate sense of the world united in music,” writes Allan Wilkinson, adding “the ensemble’s versatility effectively broadens the musical landscape further, whilst breaking down barriers and borders with aplomb”.

“It’s such a tired notion when it comes to a genre we recognise as ‘World Music’, to see language as a barrier. In the case of Rafiki Jazz and the songs presented here, an understanding of those various languages is perhaps redundant; it’s the overall sound that really matters. Coming in at almost ten minutes, the album closer “My Heart My Home” is a triumph of empathy and unity, featuring a multitude of voices and vibrant instrumentation.”

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