Released this week on Universal, a top notch ‘primer’ on Patrick Campbell Lyons’ iconic 1960s band Nirvana.

Summer has truly come!  So, if you are not conversant with this act, make a start with this wonderful 2-CD set.

‘Rainbow Chaser: The 60s Recordings (The Island Years)’ does what is says on the tin and more, trapping at their Island album releases ‘The Story of Simon Simopath’ and ‘All Of Us’,  bolstered by outtakes and previously unreleased demos.

It’s a fandom paradise as well as a logical shoe-in for the more adventurous newbies to Patrick and Alex’s individualistic mindset.

The legendary ‘Black Flower’ (the band’s ‘lost’ third album) gets a separate reissue with bonus cuts  while, here at Market Square, you can sample the very latest compositions from the pen of Patrick in his latest solo work, ‘You Are A Cloud, I Am A Comet’.  

You can catch up with the Nirvana story in this interview with Patrick who regales her with stories  of London in the 1960s and the extraordinary times, musically and in a broader context, socially, that they were, then.

Read this interview in Goldmine here …

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