‘The man who only smiles with his eyes’ popped up playing live to US West Coast psych aficionados this month.

1960’s UK band Nirvana’s Patrick Campbell Lyons belied his 75 years on the planet at Café Nela in Los Angeles, as Greg Burk reviews:

“Although the original U.K. Nirvana never attained Stateside transcendence, the band grabbed a substantial European following with its blend of pop poetry, classical instrumentation and psychedelia. And co-leader Patrick Campbell-Lyons periodically reminds us not to ignore it.”

“Several audience members also paid tribute to the ’60s with Carnaby attire (one sideburned, ruffle-cuffed dude looked exactly like Z-Man from Russ Meyer’s “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”), but the focus remained on the enduring quality of the songs. 75-year-old Lyons, who tends to smile only with his eyes, was beaming all over, like the magnificent double rainbow that had greeted his L.A. arrival a week before.”

Greg advised that fans desiring to catch up on Nirvana are encouraged to seek out last year’s beautifully packaged compilation “Rainbow Chaser: The ’60s Recordings.”

We would also add his solo release ‘You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet’ to this must-hear list!

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