A 3-Star review for Steve Ashley’s ‘One More Thing’ – his last ever album – in the November 2018 issue of Mojo Magazine.

“A pertinent farewell. Throughout his long career, his sense of social injustice has barely wavered…”

Thanks to Colin Irwin!


And more reviews:

“Steve Ashley will no doubt once again find his status as a truly quintissential British singer- songwriter heartedly endorsed with this latest collection of original songs … a potent combination of lyrical poetry, delicious wit and darkly puckish humour… The watchwords of grit, determination and integrity will stay with Steve until the end.”

David Kidman, Folk Radio

“…he couldn’t resist retiring disgracefully. Any Star reader listening to this album might hope there’s at least a chance of a bit more disgrace before final retirement.”

Stephen Johnson, Morning Star ***** 

 “Hey, Steve – you have brought an incredible amount of delight and wonder to a countless army of fans who have been feasting on your vast repertoire, your incisive words and your devilishly-intricate songs.” 

Mick Tems, Folk Wales Online ***** 

“Who else but Ashley could swing from a discussion on the manifold ways in which the British Royal Family has attempted to court popularity, to a lovely paean to the dragonfly?  From a lament for the old days of genuinely committed political activism, to a song about the intellectual liberation that old age confers on its constituents – ‘I once believed what I was told, but now none of it’s fooling me’ … a truly great songwriter…we’re going to miss him more than we’ll ever know.”

Dave Thompson, Goldmine

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