Welcoming back fans of north-east England folk rock giants Lindisfarne, we are pleased to be able to add the band’s long-deleted album ‘Buried Treasure Vol 3’ (better known as ‘BT3’) to our growing digital catalogue.

This was the third of the band’s Buried Treasures series and striking in how it managed to trace and include so many previously unreleased tracks and alt. takes on some previously released gems from early and later catalogues.

UPDATE: This just in from band archivist and writer Jim Henderson ….

Originally issued on CD in 2000, but out of print for many years, this 18 track collection brings together rare and unreleased music from the legendary folk/rock band.

The earliest inclusion is ‘Positive Earth’, which dates from the late 1960s and is credited to the pre-Lindisfarne band Brethren, while ‘Digging Holes’ was recorded live in August 2000 and finds the band backing Chris While and Julie Matthews.

A curio from 1974, ‘Newport Mount Rag’ was recorded on Lindisfarne founder Rod Clements’s state-of-the-art Pifco cassette recorder, and captures Clements accompanied by a pre-Dire Straits Mark Knopfler.  A 1995 live version of ‘January Song’ features actor Tim Healy guesting on lead vocal and guitar!

Other gems include a children’s lullaby written by Alan Hull entitled ‘Dragon Of Dreamland’, a reformed Downtown Faction (the pre-Lindisfarne blues band) covering Sonny Boy Williamson’s ‘Checkin’ On My Baby’ in 1987, and an impromptu 1980 version of ‘Meet Me On The Corner’ performed for Tynemouth Ladies Circle and recorded by accident!

There’s plenty here for fans of the band to enjoy, but for anyone looking to sample the release, the following five tracks are recommended as a starting point:

We’ve Got All Night – an unusually pop oriented song, penned by Rod Clements and sung by Ray Jackson, this was an outtake from the “Dance Your Life Away” album sessions in 1984.

Drinking Song – a very early song, revived and recorded as a demo in 1995.

Log On Your Fire – a beautiful Alan Hull song, this version was recorded for radio in 1996 and features a lovely vocal from long-time band associate Billy Mitchell, who became the new frontman following Hull’s untimely death.

Poor Old Ireland – a poignant version taken from a 2000 radio session, notable for Dave Hull-Denholm’s uncanny vocal resemblance to his late father-in-law.

Two Way Street – a rollicking live rendition of a rare composition from the latter day Lindisfarne bass player Ian Thomson.


Thanks Jim! 



Artist:   Lindisfarne

Title:    BT3

File:     Folk/rock

Label:  Market Square

Cat:     MSMDL190

UPC:    5065001032479


Track List

  1. Positive Earth

2. 100 Miles to Liverpool

3. Money

4. 2 Way Street

5.  Newport Mount Rag

6. Poor Old Ireland

7. Corporation Rock

8. The One and Only

9. Drinking Song

10. Heaven Waits

11. Log On Your Fire

12. Dragon of Dreamland

13. Checkin On My Baby

14. January Song

15. We’ve Got All Night

16. Digging Holes

17. Meet Me On The Corner

18. Bonus Track – stage chat