Lianne Hall is a singer-songwriter from Brighton, now residing in Berlin, with a voice and style which contrives to be accessible yet conveys a unique emotional depth and integrity.

While her sound may be largely country/folk-inspired, her soul is built on a punk rock foundation.

In the late nineties, she toured Europe extensively with Witchknot, a politicised yet experimental all female punk band with a significantly DIY attitude and open-minded approach to making music.

Lianne lived in a bus for five years, making acoustic folk pop with Bela Emerson under the name Hiphuggers as well as electronica as Pico with producer Andy Wills. In 2000, she moved to Brighton, where she formed The Broken Heart Club

Lianne met her hero, John Peel when he was filming his Channel 4 TV programme ‘Sounds of the Suburbs’, and became something of a veteran of the broadcasting icon’s BBC Radio shows, recording five sessions with a variety of line-ups including a live Christmas special at his home studio, Peel Acres.

It was John who declared Lianne’s ‘one of the great English voices’.

Haunted House started as a collaboration between Lianne and electronic musician/composer, Paul Hartnoll of Orbital. Paul was also to play a role in Lianne’s career, and from perhaps unlikely beginnings, as Lianne was his house cleaner.

As well as being a great cleaner, Paul realised Lianne was an even greater singer and before long they had written a song together, “For Silence”, which appeared on Paul’s first solo album, ‘The Ideal Condition’ in 2007.

The collaboration developed and the songs grew, aided by input from Berlin-based sound artist and musician Alexandre Decoupigny and gradually an album came into being.

In the summer of 2013, ‘Brave the Woods’ was mixed by Giovanni Nicoletta at the Chez Cherie studios in Berlin and the following year, the album was released under the project name, Haunted House.

The result is moody, ambient electronica with Lianne’s vocals at times mysterious, brooding and soaring.

A firm contender in the ‘one that got away’ department for any music lover’s list, the album is packed with strong melodies layered over a diversity of beautifully structured electronica over-arched by Lianne’s extraordinary and soaring voice.

A single of “Lost In A Forest/Shoulders” proved an underground hit in the making, its electronic beat carrying an insistently catchy melody that lodged itself fast into the listener’s sub-conscious and resided there.

Lianne’s solo debuted in 2006 with ‘Abandon Ship’, recorded largely with just vocals and guitar, resulting in a stripped back record of uncluttered beauty.

She has subsequently co-written for Paul Hartnoll’s solo album ‘Ideal Condition’, recording a duet with The Cure’s Robert Smith for the same release, worked with Newcastle’s d_rradio on their collaboration ‘Making Spaces’, and recorded a further solo release in ‘Crossing Wires’ in 2010.

Her latest album, ‘The Caretaker’ is available in CD format at Market Square via this link

‘Brave The Woods’ is available at all good download and streaming sites including


  1. Brave The Woods
  2. The Kindness
  3. Haunted Houses
  4. Lost in A Forest
  5. Shoulders
  6. On The Hour
  7. Fifty
  8. Trusted The Universe
  9. Wonderful
  10. Hungry Heart
  11. Killing The Light