Many thanks to the utterly unique reviewer Oregano Rathbone for his elegant prose referencing of  ‘THE HAPPENING COMBO’, our compilation of the talents of Kevin Ayers, Lady June and Ollie Halsall, for the UK’s RECORD COLLECTOR magazine.

What we love is how Mr R has tapped at the lifestyle ethos of this eccentric trio, shimmying their lives away in the mountains of Majorca, all those years ago …

Oregano writes:

” … the album radiates contented, heavy-lidded decadenc, baked into inertia under the Majorcan sun and implicity underwritten by empty wine bottles rolling down the drive.”

There’s more …

“Ayers’ sly reconfiguring of Lay Lady Lay smacks its lips like Shere Khan” while Lady June’s Sea Cake is “a torch song from the last five minutes before the bar closes, in which the torch has burned down to a cinder.”

Great stuff! Get out and buy October’s Record Collector to read more of this!