Three albums in and we finally get to hear what a fine songwriter Janet Henry is …

The Northern Ireland-based singer has released recorded music before, notably under the name of Janet Holmes with her album ‘The Road To The West’ (Market Square MSMCD129).

‘Going Home’ is her third, but the first to be completely self-penned and her collaboration with producer Dean Stevens has produced a fresh sound for Janet while still remaining close to her roots in acoustic music. It’s newly-available for (download/streaming) by Market Square.

Support weighs in from the likes of Dick Farrelly, Nick Scott, John McCullough, Matt Weir and more, and the album is receiving tremendous feedback and review from listeners and critics alike.

Joe Cushnan writes for Dropped the Moon:

“Its superb flawless production is a joy to behold. The musicians simply cannot be any better and Janet’s voice is effortless, calm, confident and often stunning. This is an excellent album in so many ways musically and lyrically. It’s impossible not to like.”

‘Space Debris’ is available at all good download and streaming sites including

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