Thanks to Goldmine Magazine for flagging up ‘You’re A Cloud, I’m A Comet’, the latest solo album by Nirvana’s Patrick Campbell Lyons, in its January 2018 issue profile on his band.

It’s all packaged up very nicely in an an interview by Gillian Gaar with Patrick who regales her with stories  of London in the 1960s and the extraordinary times, musically and in a broader context, socially, that they were, then.

The dramatic psych-pop of Nirvana is singled out for praise in a scene-setting piece that also provides context for Universal’s Spring 2018 release of a comprehensive box-set career overview of the band’s time with Island Records, including gorgeous and notorious ‘Black Flower’, which crept out back in the day under the title ‘To Markos III’.

You can read more in Patrick’s critically-acclaimed book, “Psychedelic Days: 1960-1969,” of which he remarked: “People ask ‘What were the ‘60s like? It must have been a crazy time! I wish I had been there.’ Well, my story is for you, and it is also for those who were there and did not make it to the other side.”

Patrick is particularly pleased with his latest solo album, suggesting it be listened to ‘as a continuity piece — song one to song 11’.”Don’t shapeshift on it. Try to hear it if you can on vinyl; it is a very warm and honest work,” he tells Gillian.

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