Our alt. country star, Gem Andrews, always delivers the most wonderfully warm and witty gigs, so do try to get along to the latest (Germany/UK).

The flier with the details is above … meanwhile, the reviews are in her latest album ‘North’ … 

“North gives Gem Andrews the ideal tool to plant deep roots into the spirited singer-songwriter network and provide a valuable voice to just causes. Where it takes her is likely down to fate, but an increased band of followers are sure to be not far away.”  Three Chords & The Truth

“Set your musical compass, this is a magnetic North, indeed.”  FolkRadio

“There are just some albums you really need to just close off the world to feel the true beauty of it, and that is not a bad thing. I definitely recommend you do it with Gem Andrews’ latest offering …”  ThankFolkForThat

“A lovely album.”  Northern Sky

“Quite evocative and situated, we recommend you give this album a go, we give it a thumbs up.”  Folk Phenomenon

Buy the album here …