He’s back! And this time, he’s in jeans … !

’70’s vocal group Design‘s front man, Barry Johnston was a clearly a hit when he went onto Alex Dyke’s ‘Wall of Sound Show’ on BBC station, Radio Solent last month – because he was back on the show again this week for more laughs and memories …

Lampooned for wearing chinos last time, Barry gamely sported Levi’s (and a ‘loud shirt’!) for this latest half hour with Alex covering the band that was the hippy version of The New Seekers (Barry was their manager for a while), recording ‘The Laughing Gnome’ with David Bowie; being the son of famous dad, cricket commentator, Brian ‘Johnners’ Johnston (who upon seeing his long-haired son in beads and bells back in 1967, remarked “I think you’d better leave those hanging in the hall…”); playing piano in Italian restaurants (and, dressed as a leopard, for Zsa Zsa Gabor) in LA; his time as a radio DJ on Californian station KLOA FM; plus of course, more fabulous Design music!

It went so well – yes, Barry is now being asked back for a third time!

New Market Square compilation ‘Children of the Mist – The Best of Design’ dips into Design’s first four albums, revealing a talent with intentions beyond their image as smiling, sweet girl/boy popsters for mums and dads.

Listen to Part 2 with Barry and Alex  via this link …

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