Or should that be, ‘above the radar’? A great regular feature on bands ‘meriting more attention’ in the latest issue of Record Collector brings forward 70s’ sunshine pop vocal group Design and serves to cement what made them so popular back in the day (even if they didn’t get a chart hit!)

David Pearson‘s article, with input from band members Barry Alexander and Gabrielle Field (on the left of a recent band convention picture here) cites Gabrielle reflecting on the early days:

“We were brothers and sisters – a real family. I don’t remember many arguments, we always put our music first and shared love and laughter. Falling asleep with wonderful guitar sessions going on all night is a vivid early memory.”

Then came their first break. Adrian Kerridge from Lansdowne Studios heard their work and offered them a recording contract, signing them to his production company Motive Music International, with his business partner, the composer and arranger Syd Dale. Within a year they had recorded their first album, ‘Design’.

You can find the story in the latest issue of Record Collector (cover date September 2019) and via this link

Market Square’s compilation celebrating 50 years of Design – ‘Children of the Mist’ – dips into the group’s first four albums to reveal a rounded and well-developed versatility – perhaps even beyond the poppy image purveyed for our mums and dads!

Buy the album via:  www.childrenofthemist.co.uk