Christmas is coming!  So what better to get the space/astronomy buff in your household than a copy of Warren Greveson’s ‘Voyager/Hello From Planet Earth’ CD/DVD?

The November 2018 issue of ALL ABOUT SPACE Magazine certainly thinks so …it’s the Editor’s ‘Choice Of the Month’!

To paraphrase:

“Pleasing and intriguing both visually and to the ear, Voyager is perfect for any space fan – and with Christmas just round the corner, we think it should be firmly on the present list!”

Thanks very much to those friendly star watchers!

Get Ready To Rock! observed:

“Star-gazer since childhood, Greveson takes us  on his own space-inspired journey which uses exclusively synthesisers to reflect the various phases of the Voyager project.

“Musically, (he) follows in the grand synth tradition of Tangerine Dream or even William Orbit, arguably more accessible and even a little funky on pieces like ‘Inferno At lo’, ‘Callisto Flyby’ and ‘Into Infinity’ – all good widescreen stuff and also a fitting soundtrack to Tim Gill’s DVD visuals culled mainly from archive footage.”


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